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A selection of promos I have directed, working with various budgets, from a single camera to a full crew on location abroad.

TCM film franchise promo

Shot on location in Cape Town, SA. My idea was to find various locations around Cape Town that evoked scenes from films, with the concept that great films always leave a lasting impression - 'Put yourself in the picture'

Working with a local production crew; GreyWhite Productions. Graded at Glassworks (London) by Ben Rogers

In the Frame - What defines a classic?

Talking heads interstitial spot. Shot on location for a Pop-up cinema event in Cape town. Involved overseeing a local videographer, and conducting interviews myself with various people who attended the event. I then edited the footage to create one piece. And finally working with a graphic designer to come up with a bespoke design package, created in Flame.

Great Adaptations promo

Single camera shoot, on a low budget. Shot on a Canon 7D and graded in Flame by Adam James. Interpersing shot footage of the quotes from the original books with the actual quotes in the films.

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